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Let's write the stories we all want to tell in the end!


"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable."

There is one thing I can guarantee and it’s that your wedding day will go by in a flash and before you even know it, you will collapse into bed at night and can’t even believe that the day you planned for months is already over. Hundreds of unforgettable impressions and memories, way too many to keep them, gone by way too fast to catch them. A hug from someone you love, a tiny glimpse and this great overwhelming feeling of luck and that this life is pretty amazing and colourful and simply wonderful.

If you are looking for a photographer who just takes pretty pictures, I might be the wrong person. In my images I am always looking for more than just the obvious, I am looking for this smile, this expression, the feeling that makes the moment and would otherwise be gone forever. Therefor I am constantly on the hunt for the best light, the second of wholehearted laughter and for movement - because “meaning + motion” this is what makes the difference for me.

Trust me: It's worth it!

I'm Isabel - international Wedding Photographer and Idealist and I would love to follow you to the end of the world. 


What stories do you want to tell?

And if you are just a little like me you also wish to be able to say “Oh Boy, what a ride it has been!” at the very end. And that’s the reason I went into the office and quit my well paid office job in 2015 to start my own business and to make the most of my time: to travel and to chase my own dreams instead of someone else’s. To stay true to myself and this idea and to still pursue some other creative projects on the side, I am only taking 12 bookings for wedding per year. So, if you consider to book me for your wedding day, send me a message today to see if I got some availability.

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are more of a rebel girl than a princess.


prefer a quiet evening at home over a party night.


love fresh flowers more than diamonds.


want to collect moments and not just things.

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