creative' s

And let's 

with me

get your (business) party started

And let's 

with me

move mountains together

You know what? I am not going to tell you that you need this.

Honestly, we've all seen way too many sales pages promising that THIS WILL BE THE SINGLE THING YOU NEED! And I guess we're all a little tired of it, am I right? So I am not going to try to talk you into this. I created the Creative's Retreat because I was SICK of all the workshops that are around, all the noise that keeps telling us that we are not enough until we buy this very thing. 

But you are smarter than this. You are a real game changer and magic maker and the one thing you would need least is someone telling you what you need to do. Instead; we need a sacred place and time to develop our own ideas, to follow the white rabbit and finally start building a badass support system aka your fearless business sisters. And this is what the Creative's Retreat is about. 

this is
not a

We truly have more than enough buckets on our lists, don't we simply need some space and finally that little time to breathe, write, think and plan? So let's just move into a beautiful house together in a remote location with amazing views, good food, and where 5pm means wine o'clock. Sounds good? (When the only thing that concerns you is that you would probably prefer a Gin Tonic - alright then. This obviously is a match made in heaven!)

If you wonder whether or not this is the "right" thing for you, just ask yourself this: Does the idea of escaping from your daily busyness sound appealing to you? Then this is the right thing! Travel with us to a place you will find the time and the space to listen closely to your inner voice, because: you, my dear, you've already got everything you need. You are enough! You are a f*cking genius, and you might just have forgotten it. 

that doesn't feel like "But I Have to"

This is a Retreat to nourish your creative soul

next date

12 - 17 May 2019 - Faro, Algarve (Portugal)
CHF 2700 (only 4 seats left)

After breakfast (and Yoga if you fancy it) we start the day with short workshop sessions covering topics like finding and defining your vision, money mindset and strategic planning. Besides daily Mastermind sessions to discuss your latest ideas there will be plenty of time to unwind, write, think and develop your own projects. There will be a light lunch and in the evenings we will cook together, eat all the good food, and make friends for life over

a glass of wine and five (or fifty) rounds of cards :) You will have time to just read a book on the terrace or go swimming, and there will be time to get some new awesome pictures taken. The 5 nights stay in a double room and full board is included in the rate, as well as all the workshops and a little half day trip to the beach. At the end of the Retreat you will feel refreshed, energised and full of ideas with all the tools you need to follow up on them. 

And this how we gonna do it

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